What is Meditation (MM)


Meditation is based on a sitting technique believed to help steady the mind and cultivate the ability for stress free awareness in which conscious attention passes instantly and naturally among the changing fundamentals of experience. It is a way of paying attention, building concentration and awareness of everything happening around you.  Meditation is a central aspect of Eastern spiritual practice to achieve increased empathy, compassion,  loving kindness and insight wisdom by bringing one's complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis. Within the context of western thought, mindfulness has come to be defined as a science for relaxation to reduce stress, anxiety, and their associated health consequences.


What are the benefits of learning and practicing mindfulness meditation?


The benefits from practicing regular mindfulness meditation is gaining the ability to comprehend objects clearly to help build concentration on all tasks, as well as creating a life filled with well-being growing closer to the natural self with reduced negative emotion such as anxiety, stress, anxiousness, being overwhelmed and frustration. Additionally, it helps to increase positive thoughts such as confidence, deciding what is right or wrong, cultivating memory and increased positive emotions such as empathy, compassion, and loving kindness.


Meditation for Beginner


  • Find the time that you want to meditate morning noon or before bed time
  • Choose the quiet place or peaceful that can help your meditation
  • Find meditation cushion, bench, comfortable chair
  • Turn off your any kind of distraction while you meditate (Telephone and all device)
  • Choose comfortable sitting position
  • Start 5 minutes for meditate
  • Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes
  • Take a few deep breaths through your nose
  • Focus on your breath and give your attention on the breath
  • Try to be the present moment, don't think about the past and future
  • Keep breathing until the time out


Meditation and Mindfulness for Novice


Add more time and began looking for a teacher who can provide feedback on your practice and informed direction on building a personal path to greater advancement.


To assist in your journey toward greater self-awareness, OPEN Global Village provides the following workshops:

  • Introduction to the Science of Mindful Education, 1-day workshop
  • Introduction to the Science of Mindfulness Meditation, 1-day workshop
  • Science of Mindful Education, Mindful Life 3-day workshop
  • Mindful Math Techniques from India, series of three 3-hour workshops


Meditation and Mindfulness for Advance

9 Days meditation practice noble silence, no writing, reading, watching and exercising.

  • Concentrating on the breath
  • Working with sound, resonance
  • Working with sensation, perception
  • Working with thought, conception and images
  • Working with hindrance
  • Working on movement, activity





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