Math Strategies Workshops for Educators

As young children we all acquired our first language using a natural learning process genetically hardwired within the human brain.  By examining the cultural and biological connections to mathematics during this workshop, we will take advantage of this same natural learning process to assist our students to successfully learn and enjoy math.  Additionally these processes foster open and creative thinking which is powered by each person’s unique strengths and Local Wisdom.  To take full advantage of this method we will build a personal framework to understand our own math learning styles as well as being able to diagnose the preferred learning styles of our students.  By guiding students to work from their areas of strength they will improve in using their preferred style while also strengthening the learning styles that they once struggled with.

Meditation and Education

My perspective for education is it needs to be more about reflectively training of the mind, using your breath to experience and comprehend by openly observing the mind-body connection while being in the present moment. Mindful Meditation practice is significant for each learner because it helps them to eliminate the pollution of the mind caused by the interference of living in the modern global era. They need practice in contemplation to create more single-mindedness, organized cognition, cultivating memory, patience, and elasticity of mental processes.


Meditation is needed as the foundation of each individual’s personal development which will bring them to be successful in all their tasks whether during their education or while implementing their learning.  By commencing a meditative practice at an early age, the sooner they will experience less stress, delusion, and violence while building self-regulation with executive attention throughout their lives.

Statement on Meditation in Education by Uraiwan Pinthong, Vice-President


Thailand Education Abroad Program

Led by SCC’s math educator, Michael Little Crow, this education abroad program provides elementary education majors with a unique experience of teaching English conversation and Math in an international setting. You will spend three weeks interning in elementary and middle schools within the Pathum Thani Educational Service Area Office 2. You will have the chance to observe, tutor, and teach classes with the assistance of local Thai teachers. You will be able to practice various instructional strategies and techniques. You will gain a firsthand understanding of the power and beauty that language, ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural diversity bring to society. Thiscomplete immersion into a culture different from your own experience is not readily available in the United States.


Thailand Education Abroad Project


“I gained a lot of self confidence on this program. Overall, I think I became a real teacher in Thailand. I am more confident with my abilities and feel better about how I relate to children, all children.” - Patricia Okyne, Thailand 2010


Chang Noi Education Project, Chiang Mai Thailand 2006


"We were touched by the deep connection between student and teacher which is a part of the Thai culture - a connection based upon mutual respect, caring, jai dee and sanuk (good heartedness and fun)."

"We return changed in ways that have refreshed, revitalized and deepened our commitment and connection to our students, our colleagues and our community at large. We hope to make this experience available to other math teachers with the goal of changing the world one teacher and one student at a time."

Michael Little Crow, Chiang Mai Experience 2006


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